Green Book

  1. “Middle class orcs are the working class, most are honest and hardworking.”
  2. “Some say the inventors of the bells were dwarves, others say it was the elves…”
  3. “Legend says that hill once was one of the giants of the world who decided to rest and die there.”
  4. “Nobody knows and nobody can explain the origin of the crying pillar in the old Effeid church.”
  5. “Ogres were solitary creatures that lived in the forests, there has not been seen one in years…”
  6. “The best pipes of the region are made from Baiart briar.”
  7. “The great Baiart forest seems lonely but definitely it is not.”
  8. “The witch meetings where they gather their magic and amazing things happen are exactly at 12:00 hours, 15:00 hours and 18:00 hours.”
  9. “A long long time ago, longer than anyone can remember, there was a beauty fairy, she was the most beautiful among the fairies, her name was Coronya.”
  10. “The spirit trapped in the tower was, once, the most powerful man on earth. What a terrible story…”
  11. “There was a powerful wizard who liked to see nothing but himself reflected in water.”
  12. “Fairies are magical creatures that can take different shapes.”
  13. “Sometimes it takes some time for the deceased to understand its new condition.”
  14. “Legend says that at the beginning the tower was supported by eight white elephants.”

Blue Book

  1. “An intelligence challenge sometimes shows a man how smart he would have been not to have taken it…”
  2. “An old gambler used to say that good luck lasts just a little. Use it when it comes.”
  3. “In the beginning you need a heart and a diamond, by the end a club and a spade.”
  4. “The order of the universe is like music, must exist for there to be harmony.”
  5. “This thing all things devours birds, beasts, trees, flowers; gnaws iron, bites steel; grinds hard stones to meal; slays king, ruins town and beats mountain down.”
  6. “Legend says that mirrors are magic items that increase the ego.”
  7. “It is good to interact with all things, you have to be curious.”
  8. “Queens can attack each other but they will never get hurt.”
  9. “- Die monster! You do not belong in this world!”

Purple Book

  1. “The king Lumenar, blinded by anger, started the war against the orcs.”
  2. “There is an elf king who has not shown his true colors.”
  3. “Effeid, the Lumenar king's daughter has been kidnapped…”
  4. “Boadag, the elf king did something serious and wicked.”
  5. “This is your story, you have a major challenge to end this.”
  6. “Coronya the fairy is responsible for this, but not the war.”
  7. “On top of this tower there is a desperate lady, but she is not alone.”
  8. “Along with the girl, there is a beautiful woman who misses her husband.”
  9. “Coronya knows that you are the only one who can solve this situation.”
  10. “Now we know who the real guilty is, you must hurry.”

Red Book

  1. “A long long time ago three triplets born with three eyes. They say there was a dark magic in the water...”
  2. “There are many types of switches: hand switches, weight switches, automatic switches, etc.”
  3. “In the rose war Tila the strong died first, after him Tora the strong died too, after them Lori the middle died. The sounds of war still are heard...”
  4. “Water flows southeast.”
  5. “Earth moves northeast.”
  6. “Wind blows southwest.”
  7. “Fire rises northwest.”